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Mosque Refurbishment

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

The Al-amin Mosque since its inception in 1986 has not undergone much works apart from minor repairs, and is currently going through a full refurbishment insha'allah with your help. A total of £70,000 is needed and we have already raised just over £55,000. Work commenced 13th September 2021)and was due to be completed in January 2022. However, there has been some additional works needed and delays by the Builders. It is on course to finish in the next 4-6 weeks insha'allah.

We are asking for your kind donations to complete the works, pay off the Qarz-e-hasanah and insha'allah bring the masjid to a much better standard, making it nicer, cleaner and comfortable for all worshippers.

The work includes:

• New Entrance & Lobby area. Current entrance to be converted into fire exit.

• Ablution Area & Toilets: relocate Ablution stations (Wudhu facilities and adjust toilets; including a complete new drainage and sewerage system & full change of layout.

• Electrics: Rewire the whole building (the current wiring is out dated) & include new fire alarm system, integrated emergency lighting, smoke detectors, CCTV system and speaker / sound system. New plug sockets and light switches. Replace fans and add air conditioning unit on the main hall.

• Gas/Plumbing: Replace all old piping and relocate downstairs boiler to upstairs kitchen. Replace all radiators with new double radiators all around the building. Service boilers.

• Skimming/Plastering: skim the walls after rewiring and new plaster/cladding/skirting etc.

• Windows: replace existing windows with new uPVC windows

• Doors: replace all internal doors. New doors: one to close off wudhu area, one for separating toilets and a double door for main hall entrance.

• Cellar: replace eroded joist(s) and check all floor boards/joists to ensure they are all safe (replace those that need changing/replacing).

• Painting: all walls, ceilings, doors, frames, skirting boards etc need painting once all works are complete in each area. All walls to be painted (grey), Ceilings (white), door frames and skirtings (white) all doors (varnished)

• New Carpets

Most of the work has now been completed (70%), we are at the stage of finishing touches, deco and at the final phase (wudhu area and new entrance). If you have any questions please get in touch.

May Allah reward you for your donations, and reward you with a beautiful house in Jannah. Ameen.

You can donate cash or online. We have a Go Fund Me page:

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