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Mosque Closure - Corona Virus Covid-19

Dear brothers and sisters,  

As you are all aware the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is fast spreading in the UK & across the globe and we have heard of a case in Rochdale and already 144 deaths have occurred in UK with over 3000 people who have contracted the virus . It is with heartfelt sadness that Al-amin Masjid under the guidance of Ulemas, the Rochdale Council of Mosques and in accordance with guidance provided by the Government, medical experts & the local authority we have decided to suspend all congregational prayers with immediate effect including Jummah (as of Friday 20th March 2020).

Children’s evening madrasah classes have already been suspended until further notice. We have not taken this decision lightly and we hope that you will respect it as our intention is to protect our congregation from contracting this virus and protecting the community. We will continually monitor the situation and as soon as the situation improves and we are given guidance we will re-open to the public insha’allah. We ask Allah ta’ala to protect us all during these difficult times. Engage in istighfar, recite this dua for protection from epidemics:

[Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal-barasi, wal jununi wal-jazami, wa min sayy’il-asqam] (O Allah! Indeed I seek refuge in you from leukoderma, and madness, and leprosy and all bad diseases) Further details & guidance is available from the Public Health England website and by calling the NHS helpline on 111.

For more details please contact:

M. Dobir Miah – 07764614031

Syed Masum Ahmed – 07979791818 or

Hafiz Abdul Haq (Imam) - 07741413066

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